Volunteer to Heal

We can use extra pair of hands to take some work off our shoulders, at this point we are only open to volunteers to genuinely like to help people who actually help people, of course we can provide recommendation letter & experience letter validating your work!.

Come Help Us Make the World a Better Place.

There is always space for someone who can add value.

We are looking for someone local & for someone who can work remotely, if you believe you can help, let us know.

Open Roles

App Developer

We would like help to develop iOS & Android App.

Video Editor

We record our healing sessions, we need someone to edit those videos, blur faces, document & organize.

Web Designer

When is a website ever perfect? If you can spare a few hours a week, we are looking for you.

Digital Marketer

We believe in reputation and word of mouth, however, times are changing, perhaps you can add some value.

Phone Support

Do you know a bit of computer, phone etiquette & can schedule appointments? Apply Today!

Social Media Manager

If you love texting, chatting, and talking in general then let us know.

Life Is All About Providing Value

The best value a human can provide another human is help in the times of need, today so many people are suffering the help we can provide is provide relief to them via healing.

We need someone who is either experienced or is open to learning to gain valueable experience about day to day operations of running a home based healing center. 

Let’s Work Together

Fill the form, let us know how you see yourself contribution value to our organization and how you see us benefiting you.