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أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
I seek Allah’s protection from satan, the accursed one.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Extremely Powerful Healing Energy Evicts Any Bad Sprits From Humans & Haunted Properties. Heals The Human Body & Soul = Total Healing Power!

In the name of Allah Subhana-wa-ta’ala we help people who suffer from the issues of the unseen like spritual problems, hearing voices in the head, being possessed, needing exorcism, and help with mental disorders such as anxiety, sleeping disorder, depression, emotion control issues, concentration issues, and who suffer from various physical illnesses ranging from body pains to when doctors fail @ detecting the root cause of the health complain especially when not getting cured from a disease, and, we also heal material things such as haunted houses, haunted buildings and, empty haunted properties. We buy haunted homes!

Heal Bad Energy & Unseen Issues

Heal Mental & Psycological Issues

Heal Human Body

Pains, Illnesses & Diseases

Heal Haunted Properties

We Use Pure Energy

We recite Quraan to channel Noor light for pure energy healing. We pray to Almighty to send us energy to heal and firmly believe he alone cures everything, we seek help only from our creator.


We Fight Against Dark Energy

We do not use dark energy, magic, or, cast out devil by using devil/jinn/moakil, or, associate partners to the Almighty or seek help from anyone else except from the Almighty. We only ask help from the Almighty.

Total Power to Heal the Human Body,  Heal the Soul & Heal the Haunted Real Estate Properties!

FACT CHECK : Medical industry now able to see “Energy As Medicine (EM)” by utilizing “Quantium Field Dynamics” state of the art machinery. It’s baby step success towards understanding energy healing (for them), we have already been healing people via energy for years! May be another 30 years for them to build machines that can detect haunting & possession. 


We Help Heal: Body Pains, Migranes, Joint Pains, Twitching, Kinda Feeling Like a Small Creature Crawling Under the Skin, frequent miscarriages for pregnant women, Complete Food Apptite Loss, Insomnia, certain cases of Cancer & plenty more.

For detailed list of physical alignments check out


We Help Evict UnHoly Sprits, Bad Souls, Bad Energy, Help Get Rid of Magic, Foul Smells, Paranormal Activies, Cleanse Empty Properties it can be sold or rented.


We also buy Haunted Real Estate if you are sick and tried of the property, want nothing to do with it, then sell it to us, we are happy to discuss, more info available on


We Help Heal Mental & Psychological Illnesses such as Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Depression, Verbal and Emotional Abuse, Pain, Trauma, Voices in The Head (Dissociate Identity Disorder / Multiple Personality Disorder / MPD / DID / BPD / ADHD / OCD / CDD) plus several others!

Our consultation stays private, we do not report our consultations to nobody.

Website dedicated to human healing has more info


We Help Free The Human Body to Remove:

Bad energy, demons, jinns (djinns), unclean sprits, black magic, vodoo magic, witchcraft, obanji/ogbange, water sprits, spritual husbands / spritual wives, freemasonry, the occult and anything else which is unholy or anything unseen bad.

Did you know what are the symptoms of an unseen affliction? To learn

People Of All Faiths & No Faith Are Equally Welcome!

A believer in any religion, just a believer in science, an atheist, just a spiritual person, someone who believes in higher power or just a person who believes in humanity, someone we mentioned & someone we missed mentioning, all are equally welcome!

Healing Duration

Varies From Client to Client, Location to Location & Case to Case

Minor issues may require just one session to completely heal a person or to completely clean a haunted house, sometimes cases may require a couple of additional sessions, depending on the severity of the cases it may vary from multiple visits ranging from few days to a few weeks to completely cleanse the human or the haunted property. 

How It Works

Contact Us

First step is to contact us, let us know what’s going on, if it’s for yourself then we will help you identify if you really need any healing sessions, if it’s for your home we would like to find out if the house is really haunted. 

"You Visit Us For Healing" |:|:| "We Visit Haunted Locations In CT & Worldwide"

1. Local Healing sessions for humans are performed at our location in CT
2. We do not go out to perform healing sessions for humans locally.
3. After the initial consultation we will schedule an appointment for you to visit us @ West Hartford, CT. We should let you know our full address up on appointment confirmation.

4. Follow “Preparation-Process-For-Personal-Healing-Session” instructions.

1. After initial consultation we will be scheduling an appointment for us to visit the haunted real estate property.
2. Before we enter any haunted territory we need to understand what is going on, we need to first visit the location of the haunted property before starting any procedure. The second appointment shall be the either exorcism or healing procedure based on our assessment.
3. If the haunted house is within 10 mile radius of our location then there is no charge to visit the haunted property. We are based in West Hartford, CT (USA),

1. When it involves traveling beyond the 10 miles radius weather its for healing humans or haunted houses, it then may involves other things such as logistics, accommodation, food, etc,.

Have Strong Appointment Commitment & Keep Us Posted

These invisible creatures can cause hurdles as soon as you confirm the appointment, their intention will be to do anything in order to STOP you & us from making it to the healing/exorcism session!

They know they will be evicted from your body or from the haunted home when we make it to the cleansing session to evict them. Do NOT let them succeed, cancel anything and everything that may stop you or may push you to post-pone or delay the appointment, do NOT, we repeat do NOT let them succeed even in their baby steps to delay anything, have strong determination on your mind that no matter what it’s happening @ the appoint day and time , once we make it the appointment, no worries at all, we got it from there because we are used to their tactics.

You will need to be careful from negative thoughts, negative energy, negative people, negative words, bad things going around you, these unseen things begin with injecting negative thoughts, emotions. These invisible creatures first try to use you to stop yourself from making it, and if you are strong enough and firmly committed to making it happen then they may try cause you minor physical pains, illnesses and what not, if you are still committed then they will use other people around you including your relatives, friends, colleagues, strangers who will again do something to try to stop you even if it’s baby steps, for example like causing you to engage in arguments etc,. – now that you know this you will notice things.

Please always try to keep us posted EVERYDAY may be by the end of the day about how was your day or how things are going around you, please report even the minor incidents like nightmares (basically anything negative or discouraging) even if you feel small issues may NOT be worth mentioning still do mention it we will let you know if we see a concern with anything.

The whole idea is to keep yourself mentally prepared, if the healing session is for the human being then learn about preparation & procedues visit  This Link

Accept Expectations & Formalities

We truly value setting the expectations right so there are no surprises when it comes to expectations vs reality, these are the documents that would be signed either online, when you visit us or when we visit you. Of course if you are visiting us for the healing session, we won’t ask you to sign “Property Waiver”, similarly when we are visiting you to clean paranormal activity in your home we won’t ask you to “Medical Reports”, it’s just for your knowledge.

CAMERA: We ONLY perform healing & cleansing sessions on camera this means audio and video WILL be recorded for documentation purpose. We can of course blur or sensor your face if you so prefer. We do NOT perform without a camera.

PROPERTY WAIVER: We are unaware of the physical condition of your haunted home, this document basically states that we are NOT liable (responsible) if anything goes wrong (like water leakage, gas leakage, old paint issues or fire issues etc.,) during our cleansing sessions.

MEDICAL REPORTS: For certain cases we may request medical reports, if you were requested for one, please have a copy handy or email it to us in advance of the appointment date.

MEDICAL WAIVER: Health/Medical waiver document is due to legal obligations which removes any liablity from us just like it would remove liability from a hospital.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: This documents clarifies our standards we would be adhering to during & after the healing sessions.

NO GUARANTEES: It is important to know, we do NOT guarantee anything, that’s because we can NOT guarantee anything at all, your home is cured/healed/cleansed purely by the will of the Almighty, we ONLY pray & recite his word, it is he who cures, not us, if he wills your home will be cured just like almost everyone who gets cured during our sessions.

HAVE PATIENCE TO WAIT LONGER ON THE SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT DAY : We work on first come first serve basis, since we are dealing with the unseen we can NOT put a timer on the healing and cleansing sessions we may be performing before your appointment; some sessions can be completed on time while others might take substantially longer to complete than initially expected so as a result so you will have to be patient & wait for your turn although you may have a confirmed appointment. We aim to keep fulfill the appointments on time, however sometimes waiting periods can be from 30 minutes to a few hours. And then, your session might run longer than anticipated. No kidding.


It depends on case to case, sometimes healing sessions are an hour or more than an hour, sometimes we have to travel, these are all time consuming things, that’s why we say it all depends. We have healed many humans for FREE, but, there are certain conditions that apply, if you are suffering please do not hesitate to contact us.

Varies From Client to Client, Location to Location, Case to Case

Healing Human Body & Haunted Properties


We perform exorcism, heal body pains, headaches, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, epilepsy, anger issues, psychological health issues.


Paranormal Activity?  Hard time selling or renting the property? Let us evict bad sprits, jinns, demons out of your home! We do it for a living!

Contact Us:

We Work During Sunlight Only. 

i.e. 10 am to 5 pm EST (NY Time)

Visiting Address

Healing session @ West Hartford ct by appointment only
up on approval of your case the address may be emailed to you

Business Mailing Address

No Personal Visits Please
Total Healing Power
285 Berlin Turnpike, Unit 321,
Berlin CT 06037 (USA)

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